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My Fav's

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To start of I'd like to do so with my Brother's site- JeanMarc. He's one of the most creatively- unique creatures I know...
If ever in need of a (Male Model/ Actor, Producer, MC, Singer) feel free to reach him below..                                                                  *King Solomon*


I'd like to then introduce to the public my Dad's new TalkShow.  This show touches on everything... from introducing new musical Artist to the world-to showcasing openings/ events for folks in the arts- to those who help build various communities giving and extending to those in need.   You can catch 'Richie Richardson' (host) of All Black Radio airing every Sunday- 3-5pm on 1190am & also via the web streaming from NY to the Carribbean  @:

*Very good site for those seeking pubic advertisement via radio & the web. Open to all*

My Business Recommendations:
The first is a link to my photograher/ friend's site: Marlin Woodruff.  His work is displayed both on my Home page (above the poem)-the Headshot on my Portfolio Resume page- 'Sexy Fashion', and a few more throughout the site.  He's great for shooting outdoor scenes, shoots at angular dimensions, etc...  matter of fact, I'll let the site speak for itself:
The second is an incredible designer who's gowns I portrayed both on  her site and in 'The Kont' Bridal Mag.- Youlin,
*She is also featured in a number of top Best Selling Bridal Magazines.
The third is an amazing man I've worked with.  He is one of the most angelic beings I've met who is very insightful and creative with his locations in capturing real life images. 
*His work is actually the cover of my book, ' Street Wife'- shot on the streets of NY-  'Eric Henderson specializes in Fine Art Photography'.
Lastly... you could endulge in my other site containing a very recent addititonal Portfolio below- ENJOY!